Profile & Skills

Kasturi V. Rangan, President, KAJAG ENGINEERING

With over 35 years of technical expertise and proven R&D experience, Kasturi Rangan provides efficient, cost effective designs for your engineering needs. KAJAG Engineering welcomes cross team collaboration and accommodates the dynamic scope of engineering systems. To meet client production deadlines and integrate evolving design specifications, we work closely with onsite management and engineers to implement the final engineering solution from concept to production.


  • Technical management and mentoring of electrical engineering teams
  • Project management and resource planning for development projects including matrix reporting structures
  • Facilitating cross team concept definition, design implementation and verification


  • Analog , Mixed Signal and and high speed digital circuit design
  • Design with ADCs, DACs, Op-amps, various sensors
  • Programmable logic design: FPGAs, CPLDs
  • Photo detector circuit design with trans-impedance amplifiers
  • Laser diode, SLD and LED optical power output control circuits
  • Thermoelectric cooler control circuits
  • Stepper motor drive logic with micro-stepping
  • Phase lock loops,¬† brushless DC motor control with low velocity ripple
  • High precision positioning systems design
  • Specification and integration of automation components
  • Medical electronics: design control, verification, safety
  • Compliance engineering to meet IEC 60601-1:2005 (3rd edition) and 60601-1-2:2007.